Matt Wilkie Philippines - Tropical Penpals Blog
Matt Wilkie Philippines - Tropical Penpals Blog
Matt Wilkie Philippines - Tropical Penpals Blog READ MORE.
Matt Wilkie Philippines - Tropical Penpals Blog
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Matt Wilkie – Back to where he came from.
Matt Wilkie - back to where he came from. READ MORE
Matt Wilkie Philanthropist? Probably Crook.
Matt Wilkie Philanthropist? Probably Crook.READ MORE
Matt Wilkie from St John’s Worcester UK
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Matt Wilkie Philippines - Tropical Penpals Blog

Matt Wilkie Philippines - Tropical Penpals Blog Matt Wilkie's therapy.

Enough is enough with this guy. Youtube is not an asylum for mentally ill people to pollute the
Internet with trash.

Matt Wilkie Philippines - Tropical Penpals BlogFor 8 years now, he's wasting his time on the computer day and night writing worthless blogs about his life in the Philippines he now sleep at YouTube telling us how great he is, how knowledgeable he is, all others are crooks and know nothing about life! Only him! Hasta la vista cleaning boy!

All he has seen in his life is the Philippines where he was surviving by doing crooked business that never brought him any money, just troubles, Worked in the Middle-east as a security guard, - Excuse me? someone said "asset management surveyor"?

What is that? Oh. I know. He was the chief cleaner of the sultan's palace in Oman making sure there was plenty of toilet paper because the Sultan was suffering from hemorrhoids.

Then, with the savings he put aside working 18/7 like most FOW he came back to the Philippines "to do business" What kind? Read it here.
Genius, Creative Matt Wilkie!....

Then, after a while of playing games with the local and expat community in the Philippines, one day and before someone kick him again in the ravine, he had enough of this country and decided to leave. It was time because all he has in his pocket was his ticket Manila London and just for him. Not for the family.

There he is, just arrived, broke, to his father's house in England sleeping in the couche. Let's play one of his videos and see what he had to say.

Yeah right folks. He blame it to the UK governemet for not accepting his family in the country. Ofcourse they don't! They know he will send them right to the wellfare recipiency!

To the contray of what he claims, he hasn't contributed with a single pound to the system. He was mr Zero, he left for the Philippines hoping to become a hero, he's now back to Zero status again.

Matt Wilkie Philippines - Tropical Penpals Bloghen, after doing odds jobs here and there in the house cleaning services in London and elsewere, saved some money as he had no rent to pay, he was able to pay 3 tichets for his family to join him. But ofcourse not in England but in Spain.

One morning, they landed in Paris. All they stay there was a few hours, just take a picture under the eifel and a market in Versaillsthen left for Spain driving and old car. Does this make him a world traveler?

Folks, just a few hours stay in Paris he wrote i can't remember how many blogs and staged videos. There is thw world travel guy! He now has an opinion how our country works, the high ways, the hotels, our social system, our people, Everything! You want to know France, go listen his last video and have a laugh. A big! Fat Greek one!!!!

Let's listen it. It's long the damn thing!!.. 18 minutes lol!! He got lost on his delirium, he forgot that he's here to talk about France and giving us a run around to Spain and the Philippines again! Matt, we all understand you are heavily medicated, it can be seen in your eyes and the confusion in your talking, but please, next time make it short OK?

That's not the end of the story folks. He's stealing others' videos from YouTube. And there is more. With exception of few naives and few friends on FB there aren't many listen to his crap. His video, today will have 75 views then suddenly, a week later jump to 15 000! Yes! 15K. How he does it? Look below! Google has always the answer for us.

Matt Wilkie Philippines - Tropical Penpals Blog

Bravo Bravo Matt Wilkie! Genius, talented creative Matt Wilkie!!

Medical Researchers, Students in Medical schools, Doctors in Psychiatry, Psychoanalyst and Psychotherapist, you are all invited to learn about Matt Wolkie's mental condition and how he uses the internet to treat his Pseudologia Fantastica syndrome he's suffering. In the coming days I will embed here all of his videos for this major case study.
Take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn more.